About Coimbatore

Industrial base, commercial centre, Educational hub, Heartland of Healthcare, titillating turf of tourism, Pleasant weather, friendly people and a plethora of other traits all packaged into a single deal. Now how would you describe this deal in a single word? COIMBATORE.

Coimbatore is a city located in the western part of Tamilnadu bordering Kerala. For those of you looking for an ideal place to settle down, Coimbatore should be the buzzword for the city provide every possible facility a bustling metropolis would and the best part is that you don’t have to deal with the side effects of an overcrowded and polluted surrounding.

The city is a treasure trove for tourists looking for a good time. ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is just 20 miles off the city and apart from that Ooty is just a couple of hours drive. The area also hosts a lot of less known abodes of beauty and tranquillity for nature buffs ranging from hill-stations, waterfalls, natural reserves, dams and spiritual centres.

Coimbatore also offers a range of must-see temples for those of you who are dutiful devotees. Apart from all the sight seeing, Coimbatore is a hub of Hospitals and labs based on medical research. Medical tourism is quite popular in Coimbatore. Coimbatore also has a huge home grown industrial base ranging from textiles to machinaries.

Places to Visit in Coimbatore